Sat, June 22, 2024
Arunachal Pradesh Space Application Center

Department of Science & Technology

Government of Arunachal Pradesh


The main objective of APSAC is to utilize the advanced state-of-art Remote Sensing and GIS technologies for inventory, mapping and monitoring of natural resources and planning for their sustainable development and for effective rural and urban developmental planning in the state and taking up research/projects addressing various environmental problems and hazards in the state. Mission

- To generate geospatial datasets and create user friendly applications (through web-enabled distribution tools) for government departments to serve as an effective tool for decision making, planning, implementation and monitoring purposes

- Integrate state-of-the-art Remote Sensing (RS), Geographic Information System (GIS), and Global Positioning System (GPS) Technologies with on-the-ground knowledge of ecosystems and natural resource management to address relevant issues.

- Transfer knowledge and skills to the community, academicians and government departments through education, outreach and training.