Thu, May 23, 2024
Arunachal Pradesh Space Application Center

Department of Science & Technology

Government of Arunachal Pradesh

UAV/Drone Analysis Services:

State Remote Sensing Application Centre, Itanagar is equipped with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(UAV)-DJI matrix 100 to carry out high resolution(image/videography) aerial surveys. Onboard optical camera enables us to generate ortho-image of 10 cm resolution. Quadcopter UAV is now being used for monitoring of some state and central sponsored projects. Its platform are nowadays a valuable source of data inspection, surveillance, mapping and monitoring of developmental activities in the state.

It generates a typical photo geometric workflow, 3D outputs like digital surface or terrain models, contours, textured 3D models, vector information etc. It can fly in manual, semi-automated and autonomous modes.

  • Quick disaster assessment.
  • Crop estimation & damage assessment.
  • City/town planning.
  • Traffic management.
  • Aerial image/videography.