Sat, June 22, 2024
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Government of Arunachal Pradesh

Heath management information System (HMIS)

The Integrated Health Management Information System (iHMIS) is a comprehensive digital platform designed to collect, store, and analyze health data from various health institutions in Arunachal Pradesh. It enables real-time monitoring and evaluation of health services, facilitates data-driven decision making, and ensures efficient resource allocation. The iHMIS has been implemented in Arunachal Pradesh to improve healthcare services. It explores the objectives of the report, provides an overview of the iHMIS system, and outlines the data collection process in detail. iHMS system also provides an overview of the current status of the State Project Management Unit (PMU) Integrated Health Management Information System (iHMIS) in Arunachal Pradesh. The focus is on district-wise health institution data, aiming to assess the system's efficiency, challenges faced, and potential improvements needed.
The implementation of iHMIS in Arunachal Pradesh is progressing steadily. Several health institutions have adopted the system, leading to enhanced data collection, analysis, and reporting capabilities.The findings and recommendations presented herein serve as a foundation for further discussions and actions to enhance the effectiveness of the health information management system in the state. iHMIS has had a positive impact on healthcare delivery, improving data management and decision-making processes.