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Arunachal Pradesh Space Application Center

Department of Science & Technology

Government of Arunachal Pradesh

Geo-portal Services:

SRSAC provide web-based application services related to Geospatial technology combining with IoT, AI and ML that can-do wonders in transforming a society in this era of Technology. Following are the geo-portal services provided by SRSAC :

Arunachal Monitoring System

SRSAC, Arunachal Pradesh worked on the concept of satellite-based Monitoring system with a focused theme of “Arunachal Pradesh-No longer remote with satellite based remote sensing technology” which can overcome the current monetary and physical limitation. Using Satellite imagery, the state planning department could monitor progress and help send the right report to state government on a timelybasis The solution would also help the state Government to detect mismatch of funds sanctioned for any project.The solution would also help to identify project of same nature in the project site and will help to eliminate duplicity. A management information System(MIS) module would help the Department of Planning & Investment to create its own database on the physical progress and financial progress achievement of development project from time to time.


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Smart Village Movement

Unpredictable weather conditions and rugged topography comes in the way of development of Arunachal Pradesh. Even in this 21st century, many remote villages are not connected with mobile towers. The survey team often find difficulties in capturing metadata due to poor internet connectivity in those remotest villages. Therefore, the Survey Mobile application has been developed in such way that field information can be captured without much difficulties. A dedicated House Hold Survey Mobile application and a dynamic Central Web Dashboard have been developed and customized for capturing existing utility assets in villages of Arunachal Pradesh using geospatial technologies

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Arun Door Sanchar: Arunachal in Mobile Phone Network Connectivity

The project Arun Door Sanchar is a GIS based automated system for monitoring of internet penetration in Arunachal Pradesh. It will ease the task of administration in studying the internet penetration in the state. Besides assisting the administration, it is also available in public domain so that citizens can check the status of their area of interest. The main objective of this project is to provide a GIS based assistance and monitoring of internet penetration in the state. This will help the administration in deciding and planning new tower and VSAT for better internet penetration. Stake holder will have access to the administrative area since many sensitive locations will be plotted in the map. They will also have feature for adding new resources.


Arun Door Sanchar Dashboard


Telecom Network Status view