Thu, April 18, 2024
Arunachal Pradesh Space Application Center

Department of Science & Technology, Arunachal Pradesh

Government of Arunachal Pradesh

09 Jun, 2019

CM launches a project on Monitoring System to keep track of project execution in Arunachal Pradesh.


Arunachal Pradesh CM has launched a project named Arunachal Monitoring System as a part of Government's initiative to speed up the developments in North East State. It is a Satellite based monitoring System which will help in remote monitoring of all the developmental projects in the state. This event was also attended by Deputy CM Chowna Mein , honorable Speaker TN Thongdok and other important dignitaries. Arunachal monitoring system was conceptualised and is maintained by State Remote Sensing application Centre, Arunachal Pradesh, in collaboration with Department of Planning and Finance. SRSAC, Arunachal Pradesh worked on the concept of ,”Satellite based Monitoring system”, with a focused theme of “Arunachal Pradesh-No longer remote with satellite based remote sensing technology”which can overcome the current monetary and physical limitation. Using Satellite imagery, the state planning department could monitor progress and help send the right report to state government on timely basis. The solution would also help the state government to detect mismatch of funds sanctioned for any project.The solution would also help to identify project of same nature in the project site and will help to eliminate duplicity.